【digidock】 Bike Phone Holder Mount 【CR-1101-M03+】3
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【digidock】 Bike Phone Holder Mount 【CR-1101-M03+】

Compared to CR-1101-M03, CR-1101-M03+ is a shorter arm mount (single joint) on Rearview Mirror base.
It consists of an aluminum alloy spherical joins mount, 1 x universal smartphone holder, 1 x camera adapter and 1 x M8 elevator screw.

 Product Features 

• Support the smartphone size from 4” to 6.5”

 • 4-way retractable arm

 • Extendable clamp arms and rubber grips to secure smartphone 

 • Smart safety latch-lock design, users only need to set it up once.

 • Fast install / withdrawal the smartphone with one hand 

 • Internal gear design, there’s no physical relaxation and elastic fatigue problem

 • M8 elevator screw included 

 • High quality aluminum alloy

 • Full adjustable 360 degree rotation design for optimal and landscape view

 • Acid and alkali resistant

 • UV resistant