【digidock】MagFirm Magnetic Phone Holder for Car, Product No.【DGST-10L+】3
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【digidock】MagFirm Magnetic Phone Holder for Car, Product No.【DGST-10L+】

Car Phone/Tablet Computer Holder Magnetic Phone Mount in car for Wide Size Range Devices!

  • This product enclosed: 2 Metal Plates(with 3M Adhesive for Magnetic Attraction)、2x EVA (for sticker stand)、1 Alcohol Pad
  • Our special design-Metal Retractable Phone Stand: The magnetic phone holder can be easily adjusted to any orientation you want, furthermore, if you feel the magnet attraction strength is too strong, this can be adjusted the position immediately. 
  • Combining Stability and Flexibility. Take it easy while driving!
  • Wide Range of Devices Suitable Sizes: Under 11 inches (Not only smartphones but also other bigger electronic devices such as tablets Computer, etc.)  
  • MagFirm Magnetic Phone Holder Mount can be applied on Curvy or Rough surfaces with Glue Pad
  • Magnetic Zone: Including built-in 6 STRONG N50 magnets
  • Patented 2-joint arm control with a strong Glue Pad
  • This item will not damage the phone itselfd53faf372dac1ab18599c4f8c4b24679.jpg4401fcb129b2c0494b679e7b4b8b085a.jpg3e71ec61ac591713e5e29470e1dab256.jpg9076dd1c32aa87b9574e3cf90c89a594.jpg73eef0a7d493047e5c4e506e7f127574.jpg