【CRUX】Dashboard gravity holder with Strong Adhesive Mounting, Product No.【RXST-10L】3
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Home Products Car Mobile Phone Holder Dashboard Mount Sticky Glue Pad 【CRUX】Dashboard gravity holder with Strong Adhesive Mounting, Product No.【RXST-10L】

【CRUX】Dashboard gravity holder with Strong Adhesive Mounting, Product No.【RXST-10L】

Dashboard gravity holder with Strong Adhesive Mounting


  • Easy to Install, Adjust & Multiple Viewing Angle: 360 degrees moving range.
  • Zero Noise, while driving 
  • Can take down the phone quickly with one hand. Slightly press (subtle gravity) and clamp the phone firmly.
  • Built-in spring to squeeze the phone in place. Can fit all the phones with a width between 57~87mm.
  • Can put vertically, lay horizontally, securely and firmly.
  • Anti-slip clamp arm with soft pad to avoid damaging the phone and enhance the grip strength, so that phone will not falling off while driving, even on bumpy roads.
  • There's space spare for the charging hole.  Enjoy easy navigating, calling, talking or listening to music from smartphone while driving. 
  • 2 hinges : Patented arm control with one press for 180 degrees moving range. 
  • 2-stage adjustable ball joint with 360 degrees moving range.
  • Bottom base is soft so that it can be installed on a curvy surface. Also can apply on a rough surface. Can assemble it everywhere without interfering with your view.
  • Easy installation.
  • No glue residual.
  • Glue pad is only for one-time use.