Car Magnetic Mobile Phone Holder
Drink Holder Stick4
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  • 【digidock】MagSafe clamp car Drink-Cup holder, Product No.【MSC-DH01】

    【MSC-DH01】 is a sticky car mount of the Digidock MagFirm series.

    ● It’s designed specifically for clamping MagSafe wireless chargers and is fully compatible with Apple iPhone 14,13 &12 series.

    ● It does not include the MagSafe Charger, but included a Magnetic Ring Plate(MRP). It can clamp the MagSafe charger as a wireless charging car holder for iPhone 12, iPhone 13 & iPhone 14 series, or simply clamp the enclosed MRP as a pure magnetic car holder for iPhone 12, iPhone 13 & iPhone 14 series.

    ● It can be applied on curvy or rough surfaces of the dashboard. The sticky glue pad is temperature resistant. No damage to the surface and no glue residual.

  • 【digidock】Drink-Cup Magnetic Car Phone Hold, Product No.【CR-3200MG】

    CR-3200MG is a powerful 6-cell magnetic mount with thorough force of attraction and an adjustable drink-cup base.
    It allows under 7” device cradle on the most cup holder in the car.