【digidock】 Magnetic Phone Holder 【ST-09LMG】3
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【digidock】 Magnetic Phone Holder 【ST-09LMG】

ST-09LMG is a powerful 6-cell magnetic mount with thorough force of attraction and a flexible stand with acrylic strong adhesive.

Product Features

 • Built-in with 6 of N50 strong magnets can create a powerful attraction that firmly supports under 7” device. 
   Stronger adhesive provides super stick force to ensure cell phone will never fall. 

 • It’s durable aluminum alloy design. 

 • Enclosed - 1x Round metal plate +3M adhesive ,1x Rectangular metal plate + 3M adhesive and 2x EVA sticker stand. 
   Metal plates with 3M adhesion to keep phone or protective case planted on the mount.

 • Won't damage the inner parts of the phone.

 • Ball head with rubber lock-knob provides you 360-degree rotation; patented joint design helps you adjust optimal tilt angle.

 • 2 hinges : Patented arm control with one press for 180 degrees moving range. 

 • 2-stage adjustable ball joint with 360 degrees moving range. 

 • Applicable to devices (tablet PC, smartphone….) under 11 inch

 • 4.7cm transparent square bendable stand with strong acrylic adhesion sticks to any flat, rough, dry and anti-dust surface and 
   fit on any curved dashboard.

 • It can be used for car, home or office;  no any residue and trace when moved the mount.

 • Easy installation.

 • The glue pad  is temperature, UV, vibration resistant.

 • No damages to the surface and no glue residual.

 • Glue pad is only for one-time use.


Remind : After phone holder installed, please wait 12 hours before using.2ecadded97e17605ffd51d2f83bb82ba.jpg0458f0490f33c94a3ea5467629ef2b60.jpgda142151e3c3d6861147c5614a711171.jpg7a64dbb44957e9d72f33e9f04f786183.jpg1d2381ef04af1ac69d4179e785263ad9.jpg