【digidock】Magnetic Stand Mount 【ST-03MG】3
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【digidock】Magnetic Stand Mount 【ST-03MG】

ST-03 is a dual ends magnet smartphone holder and stand with 6-cell magnet. The 2 spherical-joints design is convenient to adjust magnetic holder in best positions, allowing you a sturdy hold and optimal phone viewing. Not only in car, you can take this amazing gadget everywhere you go; even to your job, party, buses, gym, it allows great hands free access while working, taking photo/ video and excise.


l   Powerful Magnet: 6-cell of magnets built-in each end, making sure to hold any kind of cellphones even small tablet pc at any angle

l   2 spherical-joints design:  Easy to rotate 360 degree and bend 100 degree at any angle.  A swivel knob helps you to fix the joints, avoid your cellphone move even on bumpy road.

l   Compact size and lightweight: only 74g weigh and 8cm high, easy to hand-carry on-the-go

l   Utility gadget to your lifestyle : Produce a hand free access no matter where you are, in car, office, kitchen, gym, or outdoor activitie22d2ed38d7a4915a17711fdeb1ed075f.jpgd5486f24309660f28daa80657946bb46.jpg0e725b950d4bad9581f61ae13f66159f.jpg6e04a10d180a795ab44e86ce85bf65f2.jpga000dab729c8215ad20c92ee9664f0db.jpgf51e91a42cd3465b43369fda100794d2.jpg