【digidock】Car Vent Magnetic Phone Holder, Product No.【AV-03MG-B】3
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【digidock】Car Vent Magnetic Phone Holder, Product No.【AV-03MG-B】

AV-03MG is a powerful 4-cell magnetic mount with thorough force of attraction and twist vent-lock & clips with wings mechanism.


 • Built-in with 4 of N50 strong magnets can create a powerful attraction that firmly supports most of smartphones. 

 • It’s durable aluminum alloy design. 

 • It provides 4 colors : Silver, Black, Gold and Rose gold. 

 • Enclosed - 1x Round metal plate +3M adhesive ,1x Rectangular metal plate + 3M adhesive. 
   Metal plates with 3M adhesion to keep phone or protective case planted on the mount.

 • Won't damage the inner parts of the phone.

 • 2-stage adjustable ball joint with 360 degrees moving range. 

 • Stable Twist vent-lock & Clips with Wings mechanism Design

 • Enhanced Stability, Anti-fall-off 

 • Fit for vertical & horizontal car vent

 • Securely holds to most of style AC vent

 • Ultra stable won't drop phone car holder 

 • Applicable to most of smartphones. 

 • Easy to use & install car mount